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About Us

BioVive Skin CareWelcome to the world of BioVive. This unique line was developed by Dr.Victoria Shikhman, based on her years of experience using natural ingredients in healing the skin and bodies of her patients.

For more than a decade, Dr.Shikhman has formulated countless remedies based on her patient’s needs and requests – the BioVive line is the result of those years of experience.

Our products combine rare botanicals and precious oils with powerful, synergistic, nourishing and rejuvenating effects.

Our formulas utilize a combination of eastern and Chinese healing ingredients, which have sustained humanity for thousands of years.


BioVive Skin CareIn producing the BioVive Facial Serum, we are committed to using the most active and pure ingredients possible.

Our formulations begin by sourcing the world’s finest raw ingredients, paying special attention to the timing of the harvest for optimum potency.

We go to great lengths to maintain the unique purity, nutrient content and vitality of our products. All the ingredients used are 100% organic, using oils that are extracted by mechanical, cold pressed method, without using toxic chemicals. No artificial preservatives or additives are added to our formula.

To insure optimal freshness and maximum nutrient potency and vitality and to prevent oxidation, we blend our formulas in very small batches, made to order for our vendors and clients.

We are excited to inform you of the BioVive products that are coming soon:

  • BioVive Neck Rejuvenating Serum
  • BioVive Sun Damage and Anti Inflammatory Serum
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